Regency Personnel, Inc.


 “Marcy has been an enormous asset to our organization.  The process  has been smooth, well vetted and had a very high value proposition for  us.  In fact, her placements have added tremendous value to our  enterprise.”
-Richard S. CFA, President
Wealth Management Firm

"Marcy  Barrick at Regency Personnel was very helpful in locating the perfect  candidate for the demanding job of Personal Assistant to the President  of the company.  She was very professional and presented candidates in a  timely manner with good experience and the right skills for the  position.  Marcy followed up with us to make sure that the candidate was  happy and that we were happy as well, this would clearly tell me that  she "cared".  I would highly recommend Marcy to other companies for any  personnel placements." 
-Colleen, Operations Manager
Florida Builder

“Marcy  is not a typical recruiter, but rather a trusted advisor that we turn  to for assistance in achieving our corporate objectives .  Her expertise  before, during and after the recruitment process is a critical  component we count on to find the talent we seek to attract and retain  in our organization.  Marcy sets Regency apart from other personnel  vendors by positioning herself as a partner and extension of our own  Human Resources Department.  Whether a simple or complex scenario, Marcy  is always available to work alongside our team providing the perfect  blend knowledge and solutions.”

 -Karen, Vice President
International Insurance Company

"Starting  a new firm was not easy, but Regency really helped find us the  employees that would be valued members of our team.  Marcy listened to  our desires, and carefully screened the applicants.  That way we could  focus on those that could best suit our needs.  And the follow-up was  outstanding.  Marcy made sure that we were happy, and also called the  employees to make sure that they were happy not only in the days  folowing their start, but for several months thereafter.  We are very  pleased with our hires through Regency." 
-Tom, Senior Partner 

Top Rated Boca Law Firm. 



"My experience with Marcy was extremely positive.  She takes great  pride in getting to know who you are and what you want.  When it came  down to the interview with the client she went the extra mile in making  sure I was prepared  She was very honest with me with the feedback after  the interview and always had my best interest in mind during the  negotiations.  Marcy isn't just concerned about placing you at a job,  she sincerely cares about your career and keeps in touch throughout the  year(s).  Thanks again Marcy!!!!"  
-Sean, Director of Operations
Financial Firm

"I  got my license in Life Health and Annuities and I am officially an  Account Manager in the benefits department.  My 1 year anniversary is  tomorrow and I can't help but want to say Thank You!! A year ago I had  no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and now I have a career that I  enjoy and continue to grow with.  I know you just do your job, but for  me - you helped me find a path that I may have otherwise never even  considered!  So I just wanted to say Thank you and will always  appreciate the fact that after our interview that day you immediately  thought of me for the position here.  It truly was the opportunity I had  been waiting for."
-Dana, Account Manager
Benefits Department
Insurance Agency

"At  the interview, I was a little bit nervous but Marcy made me feel  comfortable.  She was very courteous, friendly, personable and  professional.  She asked me many questions to get to know my personality  and to see if I was the right fit for the position I was applying for  and explained in detail the job requirements of the company.
She was  very prompt and thorough with scheduling for the 1st and 2nd interview  with the company.  She also gave me very helpful hints and advice on  interviewing etiquette and followed up on me in both interviews with  care and sincerity.  I truly believe that her advice and her expertise  in connecting the right canididate to the right company made a big  difference for my successful hire.  I have dealt with many agencies  before as a supervisor and as a candidate in the past and can honestly  say that working with Regency Personnel is the best agency I have ever  worked with and have gained my trust back in recruiting agencies because  of Marcy.  Thank you so much Marcy from the Bottom of my heart!" 
-Sophia, Asst. Controller,
International Insurance Agency 

"My  experience with Regency Personnel, Inc.  was outstanding!  Job hunting  can be very frustrating and discouraging.  The emphasis that was made on  a personality match between my manager/co-workers and I was just as  important as my skills and the follow-up calls.  Regency Personnel,  Inc.  added a "personal touch" to my search that I feel made my  placement a success.  I would highly recommend Regency Personnel, Inc.  to anyone!"
-Administrative Assistant/Office Manager,

Boca Investment Firm